Story, movement, creativity, wisdom.

Through lively classes, we invite children to participate in movement and story telling to encourage creativity, curiosity and independent thought.

Through Story Telling we build solid foundations for literacy.

Through Role Play we discover, mimic, consider and understand consequences of behaviour.

Through Movement we build confidence and strength, physically and emotionally.

Through Group Dynamic we listen, question, communicate, challenge and accept others who are different to ourselves.



Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds - mums, dancers, professionals, actors and drama therapists. We all feel passionately about working with children - to develop their creativity and imagination. We value the power of storytelling to portray ethics and morals, which the children bring to life through role-play and movement. Using the Creative Movements method, each teacher brings their own personal strengths to their classes, thereby keeping the sessions authentic.


Our franchisees and teachers are DBS checked and hold basic first aid certificates.

Our Community

Our community is made up of franchisees and teachers, parents, children, schools and nurseries. Parents have the choice to watch their child in a session. We like to keep our doors open encouraging parents to be a part of their child’s Creative Movements experience.

As our community grows, we have been expanding our franchises in London and around the UK. See our Franchise page for more information. 


Creative Movements is proud to support two wonderful charities - Children in Need and the World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund). Together, they advocate for children and a healthy environment in which they can flourish.