Parental Guidelines

  • Make sure your child uses the bathroom before class.
  • Please ensure your child wears sensible shoes in the studio.
  • No food is allowed during classes. Children with severe food allergies (e.g. anaphylaxis) must be accompanied by an adult family member or carer during classes and workshops.
  • CM staff will not administer medications to children. By registering your child for a Creative Movements class or workshop, you agree that CM staff may seek medical advice and/or treatment in an emergency.
  • We provide a quiet space for the children. Please respect our space and do not talk during classes. Mobile phones need to be on silent.
  • Aim to be five minutes early for your class or workshop. It is important you are on time so the children can hear the introduction without distraction.
  • If a child is increasingly disrruptive, Creative Movements reserves the right to ask the child and parent to leave the class or workshop.
  • Payment is due prior to all Creative Movements events. 


Please see our Timetable or Booking pages for links to Creative Movements Terms and Conditions.