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 Help your children shine and come join us colour ourselves bright this coming Spring.

We know how important it is for your child to gain an understanding of this wonderfully weird world we live in and form their individual personalities.

Our classes are tailored to meet their developmental needs through imagination, stories, role play, music, and movement. We offer them time to explore ideas, build their confidence and express themselves.

The children leave the classroom with understood morals and smiles on their faces. 


Classes are being held in 3 locations: 

 Primrose Hill at St Mary Church Hall

North Kensington at Pangbourne House Nursery Hall


Please join us now. Click on Classes below, then on Spring for details.


 Holiday Workshops

We are storytelling, moving, role playing and crafting our way through some fantastic workshops. 

Whether is be traditional tales or modern stories we have a workshop suited for your child. 

Now listed for booking. Click on Workshops below, then on Spring Holidays.


PARTIES of creative movements

Book now for a special Event or Birthday party.

Our parties are classic Creative Movements, we use the power of imagination and story telling to enrapture the birthday boy/girl and thier party friend.

Children get to move, celebrate and be wisked away like magic to thier chosen theme. 

We have many themes to choose from or you can bespoke your child's dream party.

Click on Parties below for further details or contact Harriet -

*Parties are in all areas of London*



'The Mulberry House School have partnered with Creative Movements for many years now for both lessons and extra-curricular clubs. It is very popular as it is not only fun and interactive but it allows children to express themselves and grow in confidence. The children really benefit from this and the parents thoroughly enjoy watching their end of term shows.  We would certainly recommend them!' The Mulberry House School

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" My daughter woke up this morning so happy and told us that she had the best birthday party ever!
She already said that she wants you, and your assistants to come next year and the year after that...
Thanks again for an amazing party! It was different, creative, a fresh take on birthday parties’ themes and simply lots of fun! Well done! “You were amazing, and the kids had such a ball. You made the party flow so well. 
The girls love you it meant a lot to them to have you over. Also, thanks for your gift it was so sweet of you and what a perfect present, portable, pretty and practical! 
Thanks again for all you were a superstar.” Happy Mum. 

Themed Birthday Parties

Creative Movement parties are suitable for 3 years old to 8 years old. 

The children can immerse themselves in their chosen theme through dance, games, imagination, adventure and storytelling.

Parties are planned with your child’s ideas in mind, and we can include their favourite stories and music.

We supply the music and will bring along some props. There is the option of bespoke props (e.g. unicorn horn, light saber, magic lamp, fairy wand, etc.) or a colouring/craft activity for the children to do while the guests are arriving (1½ and 2-hour parties) and all materials are included.

Examples of some current Party themes

Disney inspired:

Aladdin, Frozen, Moana, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Jungle Book, COCO, Rupunzle/Tangled


Alice in Wonderland, The BFG, Jack and the Beanstalk, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lego Adventure, Minions, Trolls, Winnie the Pooh/CR, Star Wars, Nut cracker, The Snowman, The Far Away Tree, Paddington, My Little Pony, Pawpatrol, Shimmer and Shine

Let’s just go with it: 

The Enchanted Forest (land of magical creatures), Circus Party, Disco Divas, Dinosaur Land, Kong Fu warrior, Land of Unicorns, Under the sea, Pirates and Mermaids, Magic Carpet Ride (combines 3 themes), Journey to the Nile, Treasure Hunt, Musical Theatre, Prince and Princes Ball, Strictly Come Dancing, Pyjama Party, Transport Party, Space/rocket to the moon, Magic Train Ride by Barefoot Books, Superhero Party,

And other events - Summer Holiday Fun, Halloween, Easter and Christmas

Bespoke the Party theme:

Children have a wonderful imagination and its up to Creative Movements to bring what they love to life, using our unique creativity. Any ideas or themes not listed above are possible.

**Look out new and updated party themes**

We would love to help you plan your child's exciting party and make a day to rememeber. 

 Please do get in touch for further information -




Creative Movements are in schools

“ Creative Movements is an innovative and fresh way of interacting with children and teaching them to interact with each other outside the lines of usual social behaviour. It is incredibly fun and the boys look forward to it every week. I could not recommend this class more!” Hereward House School'


We are a popular choice for schools to run classes and clubs.

Our sessions are tailored to meet schools curriculums, EYFS, Montessori and Ofsted requirements. 

We carefully select books to help children develop their understanding of the world and morals we should live by.

With our CM essentials -

storytelling, imagination, role play, movement, music, art, educational questioning and personal-social- emotional development. Classes can enjoy a creative way of learning. 

We often entertain world book days and work with the kids towards end of term shows. 

CM has run sessions at the following schools and nurseries:

We would love to tailor a program to suit your school

Please do get in touch with Harriet for further information