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Harriet Barnes, Director of Creative Movements

Creative Movements – London & Primrose Hill
Harriet Barnes, Director, of Creative Movements, Ltd


I consider myself a rather unusual person with diverse interests, beliefs, attitudes, ethics and passions! I lead a truly , active, hard-working life as my own boss with my own little edu/fun business of workshops/ classes and parties for young children across the spectrum of schools, nurseries, private and funded events where I take my passions for the arts and perform personally, using music, dance, drama and art to captivate my little people participants.

Indeed, these performing/visual arts are, I believe, the very best mediums through which to seriously educate our children in a creative, long-term and happy way. Education must also be about enjoyment and getting to know oneself! 

My qualifcations and experience-

I have an Advanced Diploma/ Degree in the Therapeutic & Educational Application of the Arts
The Diploma course is complete in itself. However, it also leads on to the Masters Degree or Diploma course in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and the Masters Degree or Diploma course in Integrative Child Psychotherapy. 
The course designed to enables you to be able to tap into your own creativity in order to reach a deeper level of connection with themselves and others; to appreciate the potential of the human imagination per se; to develop knowledge and understanding of the nature of the inner world, of dreams and the many different forms and uses of human imagery. When working with children these are some fundimental atributes. 

I also have exprience with children of all ages and capabilites having been an assitant speech and language therapist and an art teacher for many years at a school for chldren with specific learning difficulties. 

And finally a qulifictaion Diploma at Quest Business College (Incorporating Queen’s, St James’s and Lucy Clayton) turns out to be a great help in running this special company. 

I honestly feel Creative Movements is truely unique exprience, offering so much to your child to meet thier individual potential. 

If you have any further questions or need more information, please do to get intouch with me via website contact details. 


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